LEED Green Associate certification program

The LEED Green Associate would be able to determine the building processes and suggest ways of making environment friendly buildings. The decision that this associate makes will have a major impact on the environment and the building. The life of the building and the maintenance of the building directly depend on the Green Associate’s decision.

Organizations like LEED have laid in place a set of instructions to further the cause. In fact, for people who are serious about making an impact in the field of green construction, there is a certification known as the LEED Green Associate program, which can be undertaken. A growing number of people across the world are taking up this certification so that they can rate and build homes and offices, which adhere to the LEED program.

The LEED Green Associate certification is the first half of the LEED AP program and can be done either online or through a half-day seminar at locations across the country. Once that certification is issued, the candidate can apply for the LEED AP accreditation, and has a term of three years in which he should have worked with a LEED registered project. That term begins from the date the application is submitted. Once work on the project is completed, he / she can choose to take the test by choosing a test date online.

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